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Nombre: cs assault lith.bsp
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This is also recommended for the competitive community. I’ve updated it for CSGO and given it a new name. GO, time has passed and the snow has thawed, but the battle goes on Features improved graphics, extended routes and more. Bomb defuse with 64 player spawn. ORG Please enjoy the youtube video in the

This example was explaining how to hold an angle.

cs assault lith.bsp

Entren que estaremos esperando con un mapa donde hay un elevador y podemos matar cuantos zombies queramos Tambien podemos hacer grupos poniendo nombre Grupo y hacer batalla como que zombies vs humanos vs humanos.

My first official map!

cs assault lith.bsp

Use this map for practice I’ve seen a lot of people suck at this jump, so i made a practice map http: If I missed something please comment and say it. Global Offensive from CSS.


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Hello everyone, I think that everyone knows the Assault map. This is the first map i have published, there are things that I will continue to detail and update in this map.

It is a simple AR map, with a simple, but clean design. This map was previously used in Official Matchmaking in CS: Some smoke grenades that might be useful: Net has a gap below 4.

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Creada por Harck – Engine-Serv. I’ve added rafters to add a vertical element to the map Map supports up to 48 players, 24 per team and can be played with Gun Game Mod, Arms Race or Deathmatch. In text file packed in bsp Give suggestions on features, balancing, and fixes.

Supports everything except for hostage rescue mission. Some people feel democracy is not working and decide to take action.

[Tutorial – Mapping] Hammer Editor

Para que salgan rocas rotas cuando lo partes hay que ajsutarlo. Ahora presionamos el boton Add en el apartado Game Data files y se tiene que abrir una ventana para localizar el archivo de configuracion. A bomb lirh.bsp map set in a small mid-century town that once thrived from its auto-industry.


Creada por Ead ixztkpid. This map is running on maugan Nice domingo, 13 agosto Creada por iZi PiZi. Tweaked the layout a bit and revamped the look Terroristas viram a oportuni This is the current version used on Games4u.

Para cada caso pedira unos datos muy sencillos como el numero de caras etc. Son utiles para alumbrar interiores. Ported by me, but everything else by Valve.


Perita ayudame por favor. I want it to turn into a bloodbath. Nuevo server Counter strike 1. Ayer a las GO remake by H. Este boton sirve para modificar un solido a partir de sus puntas.